Buoys Overlay

The IENC program publishes data generated by the US Coast Guard that represents individual floating aids to navigation (buoys) on the inland waterway system.
The S-57 formatted buoy files are coded as overlay files, and other formats are rendered by third party viewing software to be visible on top of IENC source charts.
Presently, all buoys are stored in one file. This allows for all users to access buoys of interest, but may require some users to modify their individual zoom settings on third party viewing software.

Buoys Overlay Files:

(select from the following files for download)

Buoys Overlay S57 Format

Buoys Overlay SHP Format

Buoys Overlay KML Format

Buoys Overlay Metadata

Buoys Web Services:

(require appropriate local client viewer for each service)

Buoys Overlay ArcMap Service

Buoys Overlay KML Service

Buoys Overlay WMS Service

Buoys Overlay WFS Service